Vectra System

How to Know What Results You Can Achieve

It’s easy to look at pictures of your favorite celebrities and say, “I want those breasts” or “I want to have ab muscles like theirs,” but because everyone has a different body type, it can be hard to know exactly what you would look like with those additional assets. Luckily, we at The Plastic Surgery […]

mole removal

Post-Op Mole Removal

Have you recently had a mole removed from The Plastic Surgery Group of Rochester, or do you have an upcoming appointment to do so? If so, it’s important to know what things you should do post-op in order to ensure that your skin heals properly from the mole removal and that you lower the likelihood […]

body contouring

Beach Body Makeover

With summer in full swing, you’ll want to make the best of the rest of the season by spending as much time as you can at the beach with friends and family. Whether you live near the beach or you are simply taking a beach vacation, spending time near the water is not just fun, […]

food for the skin

The 3 Best Foods for Your Skin

When it comes down to taking care of your looks, yours kin is likely your number one concern area. If you are taking good care of your skin on the outside, by getting things like laser and Botox from The Plastic Surgery Group of Rochester, consider adding another element to your routine and help take […]