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If you are experiencing signs of aging, then a facelift performed by our Plastic Surgeons in Rochester NY might be the right procedure for you. Luckily, today’s skin care products and procedures can go a long way toward helping us manage many of the effects of aging, but usually not indefinitely.

What is a Facelift?Facelift Rochester NY | Mini Facelift

At The Plastic Surgery Group of Rochester, facelift surgery, technically called rhytidectomy, can help you “set back the clock.” A facelift is a procedure performed when your plastic surgeon removes any excess fat from your facial area, tightens the muscles, and re-drapes the skin over your face and neck. The most successful facelifts are subtle and aesthetic.

What to expect during the Facelift procedure

Depending on the procedure and your preference, facelift surgery may be performed under local anesthesia with sedation, or with general anesthesia.

Your surgeon will usually begin the facelift procedure with incisions just above the hairline. These incisions extend down and in front of your ear, around, and back behind the earlobe. If your neck is also in need of tightening or contouring, your facelift surgeon will perform the appropriate procedure at the same time.

After separating the skin from underlying muscle, fat deposits and excess skin are removed, muscle fascia is tightened. 

What other procedures can be combined with a Facelift?

A Facelift can be performed in combination with other cosmetic treatments such as Eyelid surgery, Brow Lift, or a Rhinoplasty. Within a few weeks of your operation, your Facelift will leave your face much smoother and younger-looking.

facelift rochester ny facelift rochester ny

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Different types of Facelifts

There are two main types of facelift procedures. You and your surgeon will discuss your unique needs and goals before deciding on the best treatment plan for you — a traditional full facelift or a mini-facelift.

Full Facelift

This procedure can address moderate to advanced aging around the mid-face and neck, offering dramatic results. Incisions are made behind the hairline, starting near the temples, and around the front of the ear, allowing your surgeon to:

  • Reposition the deeper tissues beneath the skin
  • Remove excess skin to smooth creases
  • Eliminate jowls
  • Eliminate sagging skin under the chin
  • Restore a naturally youthful contour to the face


For those patients with less sagging and minimal jowls, a mini-facelift can disrupt the signs of aging before they become too noticeable, often delaying the need for a standard facelift for many years. This is a less invasive technique using smaller incisions (along the hairline above the ear and/or in the natural creases around the ear), but still allows the surgeon to:

  • Tighten deep facial tissues
  • Lift structural tissues around the cheeks
  • Tighten jowls
  • Refine the jawline
  • Rejuvenate a tired appearance

Recovery Process for a Facelift

Each patient’s healing process will be unique. You will receive detailed information and instructions for home care. As well as follow-up visits and returning to your normal schedule.

Generally speaking, recovery from a full facelift is fairly quick. Most patients return to normal activities after about two weeks and to more strenuous activities in about a month. The recovery process for a mini facelift is even shorter.

Bruising and swelling will be at their peak on about day two. But will gradually improve and dissipate in about 10 days to two weeks. With the help of some cosmetic cover-up, you could feel comfortable going out in public about a week after your procedure.

With either type of facelift procedure, you should keep your face protected from the sun. As it will be more vulnerable to sunburn for several weeks after surgery. Avoiding the sun is also important for proper scar healing.

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As creases and folds begin to form on the face, many people seek cosmetic treatments that can make them look as young as they feel. Interested in a facelift or another cosmetic procedure? Please call (585) 922-5840 or schedule a consultation online.