Patient Testimonials & Thank You Cards

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Dear Dr. Davenport,
I want to thank you once again for your expertise in the field of plastic surgery. My face and breast have healed beautifully. May God continue to bless you and your staff, always sincerely.
-Christine C.

Dr. Pennino and staff,
The care that I have received before, during and following my surgery has been wonderful. The staff that I have come in contact with have all been warm, friendly and very helpful. Thank you for making this such a positive experience!
-Julianne M.

Dear Dr. Pennino and Staff,
Just a short note to thank you for the wonderful care. Seems like you really care about your patients. Nice to go to a doctor’s office where everyone is so pleasant.
-Kim S.

Dr. Davenport,
Thank you for your expertise, your knowledge, your compassion and most of all for just being you. You truly are a gift to the medical world. As your patient, you make me feel safe in your care. Thank you.
-Linda T.

Dear Dr. Smith,
You really do many wonderful things. Thank you for being so very thoughtful! You are an awesome doctor! God bless you!
-Liliya and David Y.

Dear Dr. Pennino and staff,
Thank you for making my recovery even easier than it has been. You are a wonderful team and I appreciate your good work every day and say a little thank you. You are really the best!
-Linda P.

Dear Dr. Davenport and Staff,
Thank you so much for letting me feel so beautiful. I am already so happy with the results of my rhinoplasty. I can’t imagine a more perfect nose and I’ve never been able to say that before!
-Nicole T.

Dear Dr. Davenport,
I am truly grateful for your care. Your expertise is appreciated and admired by so many who know of you. It’s so humbling to become the patient instead of the care-giver and it’s a great feeling to know you are in the best of hands.Thank you for helping me through this journey!
-With a grateful heart, Kim B

Dr. Davenport,
You are such an amazing person-I was so nervous about my surgeries but you made me so comfortable and eased my concerns and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I also have to say that your office staff is awesome as well. Your kindness is greatly appreciated. Thanks again!
Carole M.

Dr. Davenport,
Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for you. You have given my life meaning and for the first time in 57 years, I am HAPPY. Thank you so much, You are awesome dude!
Coda S.

Dear Dr. Fink,
Wow! Thank you so very much! I am surprised and delighted with how much better my hand and fingers are already and didn’t want to wait 3 more weeks to tell you. I’ll start massaging and regaining strength today. Your staff is excellent also, especially Sue, Susan and Erin. Many thanks again!
Carol W.

Dear Dr. O’Connor,
I had my breast reduction done by you back in August. I just wanted you to know that I am so very happy with the job you did. They are the perfect size for me. Most of all I am grateful for not feeling so self conscious about my appearance. I can put a shirt on in the morning without having to stretch the chest out. I feel like a brand new person. Sure, my chiropractor is not happy he is losing money but that is okay! For 13 year since I was about 18 it was always an issue for me. Each day it still amazes me that I feel normal. Thank you!
Jessica B.

Dear Dr. Pennino,
Seven years ago you performed “The Belt” surgery for me. I really need to tell you what an amazingly positive influence this has made in my daily life, and I do mean “daily”. Seventy years ago, one seldom saw an overweight child, but I was one of the few. I was often the recipient of many guffaws and taunts, and as a result, I adopted for myself not only a poor body image (although I didn’t hear that phrase until 30 years later!), and I truly retreated from socialization. I can remember from the time I was eight or nine, it was my wish “when I grew up” to be a Hermit, capital H! Years, a more mature outlook, a wonderful life, and a bit of counseling helped heal my unhappy memories but still I have never been able to totally kick my fears of rejection just because I don’t have the “body of a model”. However, as of seven years ago in a surgical unit with you, a lot of healing happened, and there is not a day goes by that I’m not grateful for your skill. Thanks to you, I can get up in the morning, get dressed, and feel proud —-so very grateful , too. I no longer want to do the Hermit Thing! Yes, I’ve known since I was very little that true happiness is not associated with looks-that surely is a very shallow attitude. And I know that millions of people have more insurmountable physical problems, many of which can be surgically corrected. I am fantastically lucky? Seventy nine years old and loving it! But I need YOU to know that because of your skills, you, personally, have made a tremendous positive difference in my daily quality of life, and I so thank you. Needless to say, I wish you the Very Best in Your Life!
Korleen D.

Dear Dr. Davenport (my angel),
It means a lot to have a doctor who is as gifted from God and as caring as you are…hope you know how much you’re appreciated. Thank you so much for everything. Before Saying that you are an “extraordinary doctor”, I want to tell you that you are an “extraordinary” human being. You will always be in my heart.
Mike and Rose D.