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Breast procedures have been some of the most popular plastic surgeries for many years. Women of all ages decide to undergo plastic surgery to refine the size, shape, and symmetry of their breasts, and the vast majority are thrilled with their results. Men, too, can benefit from breast reduction, a customized treatment option that corrects male breast enlargement called gynecomastia.

Whether you are seeking to rejuvenate your figure after pregnancy, correct unwanted physical traits to gain your dream physique, or reclaim your body and build back your breasts after cancer, our team of top Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons offer a variety of breast procedures you can choose from!

Surgical Procedures of the Breast

Plastic Surgery Group of Rochester is proud to offer a variety of breast procedures, including:

The breast augmentation procedure is a leader in the field of plastic surgery and has been for many years. This technique enlarges the breasts using saline or silicone breast implants. Patients have numerous options in addition to size and type that enable them and their surgeon to achieve the most natural looking and feeling results.

It should not be assumed that breast augmentation is performed only to enlarge the size of the breasts. In many cases, the reason for getting breast implants is to correct asymmetry, imbalance between the two breasts. Some women have a difference in more than one cup size from one breast to the other. Careful planning and selection of the most appropriately-sized implant for each breast can resolve this imbalance.

Breast lift surgery also enhances the shape of the breasts, but it does so by working with the tissue that the patient already has. Breast lift can be combined with breast implants if the patient also wants to increase the size of their breasts. On its own, the breast lift restores a perkier shape by manually pulling the skin and connective tissue more tightly around the breast mound. In so doing, the procedure repositions the breast mounds higher on the chest wall.

Naturally large breasts can be physically and emotionally uncomfortable. Many women make the decision to undergo breast reduction surgery to improve their quality of life. Breast reduction precisely removes the amount of fatty breast tissue that is needed to achieve a more proportionate, more physically appealing shape.

Male breast enlargement is a common problem for which surgery is the best solution. Treatment for this condition, called gynecomastia, is customized to the patient. In some instances, the breast tissue can be reduced with liposuction removal of fatty tissue. Surgery is sometimes necessary to remove an enlarged breast gland or to tighten overlying skin that has become loose and saggy.

Choosing the Right Breast Surgery for You

Choosing to have breast surgery is a big decision in itself. When you consult with a qualified surgeon, you can expect a thorough consultation that helps them understand your concerns and desired outcome. This information, along with an examination of your breast tissue, enables you and your surgeon to discuss the best way to achieve the result you seek.

Breast Surgery FAQ's

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