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Skin Care

Skin Care & Non-Surgical Treatments In Rochester NY

The Finishing Touch is proud to offer physician-grade and prescription-strength anti-aging products for a more healthy and youthful appearance.

ZO Skin Health

We are proud to offer ZO Skin Health at our office. To learn more about our products and order your own, visit Zo Skin Health’s website and search for our office.

Watch Our Video: Demonstration Of The 3 Step Stimulating Peel

Revision Skincare

In addition to ZO Skin Health, we also offer Revision Skincare. Please visit the Revision Skincare website to see all of our product offerings for your needs.

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  • If you have an urgent question or are experiencing an emergency, please do not use this contact form. Call our office please directly at (585) 922-5840. If this is a true medical emergency, please call 911.

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Happy New Year from The Plastic Surgery Group of Rochester

Finishing Touch is now under the new name, PSGR Cosmetic Center.

Cosmetic services that are surgical and non-surgical are expanding to include exciting new offerings for a refreshed face and a shapely body.

You may call for a consult at 585-922-4722.

Consultations are required.  Please arrive to your scheduled appointment with a face covering as we continue to follow local and state safety mandates.  Please arrive without additional persons.  Thank you.

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