Post Bariatric Surgery in Rochester – Body Lift

What Is a Body Lift?

Loose and excess skin can occur in many areas where large deposits of fat have disappeared. These areas include the area around the abdomen, the thighs, the neck, and under the arms.

Benefits of a Body Lift

In addition to the cosmetic benefits for our patients in Rochester, a body lift can also be beneficial in terms of health. Rashes, infections, and difficulty in exercising can all result from the loose folds of skin that occur after drastic weight loss. A body lift alleviates these problems as well.

Body Lift Candidates

Candidates for a body lift have typically lost a large amount of weight through gastric- or intestinal-bypass surgery. Some may have lost a lot of weight through changes in nutrition and fitness habits. Also normal-weight women who have excess skin post-pregnancy can be candidates.

Body Lift Procedure

Your surgeon will perform the body lift procedure at our Rochester facilities. We will schedule the surgery when your weight has stabilized after the most drastic period of weight loss. The body lift may be performed in stages. This will depend on the amount of skin that needs to be removed and the number of areas that need to be tightened.

During the procedure, your doctor will make incisions and remove excess skin in key locations. Then they will pull the remaining skin taut and seal the incisions. Scars will result from a body lift. An experienced plastic surgeon can place the incisions strategically to make the scars as inconspicuous as possible.

If your case is less severe, with loose skin concentrated around the abdomen, the physicians at The Plastic Surgery Group of Rochester recommend tummy tuck rather than the more involved procedure.

Body Lift Before & After

Post Bariatric Surgery in Rochester - Body Lift

Recovery After Body Lift

Immediately after surgery, patients will experience pain, swelling and bruising. Your doctor will prescribe pain medication. Most patients are hospitalized for up to a week. Typically patients do not return to work for 4 to 6 weeks. We encourage patients to walk postsurgery, but must avoid other activities until sufficient healing has occurred. This is usually after 6 to 8 weeks.

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