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The Ins and Outs of Otoplasty (Ear Surgery)

When it comes to plastic surgery, the ears don’t get as much attention in the mainstream media. But, otoplasty (ear surgery) is among one of the most popular procedures performed in the United States. If your ears make you feel self-conscious or less confident than you’d like, you might be interested to learn more about […]

Otoplasty – Best Way to Reshape Your Ears

Children sometimes unfortunately have ears that are misshaped, overly large, or protrude from the head. Because of their ears, these children can be the subject of taunts and teasing at school. Their self-esteem can take a bit hit as a result. But otoplasty, or ear surgery, can correct any issues with the ears, whether on […]

  • Posted on: Dec 30 2014
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