Is Your Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Making You Feel Like a Zombie? What You Can Do

Having stiff, painful joints can certainly make you feel less like a human and more like a zombie. If you have noticed that you get frequent, chronic pain and stiffness in your wrist then you may have a common condition called carpal tunnel syndrome. As one of the many specialties that we focus on here […]

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Keep Those Brows Up

Sagging eyebrows could immediately change a person’s facial expression. Eyebrows that are positioned in undesirable directions could make you appear sad, tired, or even angry. That is why a brow surgery in Rochester, NY could make a huge difference. This procedure involves raising the eyebrows to maintain a normal and refreshing appearance. What makes the

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Stop Keeping Those Flaps

Losing weight could sound like a really good idea, but what comes after the weight loss could be pretty undesirable. Weight loss, along with gravity, may result to excess skin hanging lose everywhere in your body. This unwanted effect of weight loss could be greatly countered with a body lift surgery. Body lift in Rochester,

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