Rhinoplasty in Rochester: Open and Closed Approach

The nose has a lot to say about your overall facial appearance, and this is why many people opt to have a Rhinoplasty in Rochester. Getting a nose job can be the key to improving your look. There are two ways to do a rhinoplasty – the closed and open approach. Which is right for you? Here’s a closer look at these two rhinoplasty techniques.

The Open Approach

In an open rhinoplasty, the incision is made between the nostrils or what is known as the columella. This technique permits the nasal skin to be folded up, giving the doctor better access to almost the entire structure of the nose. The components of the nose can be assessed in their natural position too. However, since incisions are made externally, a scar will be visible following the procedure but this fades over time and can become almost unnoticeable later on. As for recovery, more swelling is caused with this kind of rhinoplasty and recovery time is longer compared to closed rhinoplasty.

The Closed Approach

In the closed approach, the incisions are found inside the nostrils. Thus, it does not lead to any visible scarring. Then again, it can be harder to reposition the nasal skin when utilizing the closed approach. There is also lesser access with lesser visibility to the nasal structure. With a closed rhinoplasty, recovery times are shorter and swelling is also lesser after surgery.

During your consultation with the team of experts in The Plastic Surgery Group of Rochester, a thorough assessment will be made to determine the kind of rhinoplasty that is right for you. Of course, it will also depend on your expectations and what results you want to achieve. If complex modifications are desired, the closed approach may be the better option. Set up an appointment by calling (585) 922-5840 today and learn more about the procedure.


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