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Losing weight could sound like a really good idea, but what comes after the weight loss could be pretty undesirable. Weight loss, along with gravity, may result to excess skin hanging lose everywhere in your body. This unwanted effect of weight loss could be greatly countered with a body lift surgery. Body lift in Rochester, NY could help you remove those unwanted flaps on several areas from your body.

Ideal candidates

Who could benefit most from a body lift procedure are patients with a significant amount of loose soft tissues in a couple of areas around the body. The procedure could reap significant results if the patient is also someone in good health, a non-smoker, and someone who has a realistic mindset about the surgery. Those who have already undergone weight loss surgeries could find body lift ultimately helpful since it will get rid of the amount of excess skin that has resulted from the previous weight loss surgeries.

The physician may suggest that the ideal candidate achieve their goal weight first before undergoing the procedure. This is to ensure that weight loss is completed and done with before the skin is tightened back to the body again.

Complications and risks

Since a body lift procedure is one of the most extensive cosmetic surgeries, it may carry a much greater risk for possible complications. It may include anesthesia reactions, infection, bleeding, blood clots, and the collection of fluids right under the skin (also known as seroma). The patient may also experience permanent or temporary numbness and a decrease in sensation on the skin. Noticeable scarring may also be present along the incisions.

The outcomes of every surgery could vary from patient to patient. To learn more about body lift surgery and how to deal with its recovery, give our doctors at The Plastic Surgery Group of Rochester a call at (585) 922-5840 today. 


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