The Truth about Male Breast Reduction

It is a common misconception that plastic surgery applies mainly to women and their need to stay physically easy on the eyes. Realistically though, men, just like women, have imperfections that they want to address, and we make sure that they know that we are right here to help them.  Over the years, more and more male patients have dealt with issues regarding their breasts and in that same amount of time, countless male breast reduction procedures have been performed to manage gynecomastia in men.

Clinically, gynecomastia is the surgical correction of enlarged or over-developed breasts in men characterized by an excess in fat and glandular tissues.  This condition is very common in men of all ages and has been found to be a result of factors such as heredity, hormones, or even the use of certain drugs.  This condition has had a documented detrimental effect on some men to the point that there have been cases when they avoid involving themselves in physical activities, or become afraid of being intimate for fear of embarrassment because of their enlarged breasts.

Having male breast reduction will surely give you back that self-confidence and will give you more freedom to participate in activities requiring interaction. During consultations with patients, it is important to identify if the enlargement is caused by fat or glandular tissues because the procedure that will be employed will depend largely on that.  If it is due to fat tissues, the male breast reduction procedure will be done through liposuction to loosen the fat and suction it out of the body.  If the enlargement is due to excess in glandular tissue, an excision will be made to remove the excess in skin and breast tissue.  Both procedures are available at The Plastic Surgery Group of Rochester and can guarantee to help you live life without any more limitations.

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