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What the First 24 Hours of Rhinoplasty Recovery Will Be Like

Rhinoplasty or a nose-reshaping procedure at The Plastic Surgery Group of Rochester usually takes an hour or two, depending on the cosmetic goals and the degree of skin elasticity in the nasal area. If you’re about to undergo the procedure and wonder what your recovery will be like the first day after the procedure, read […]

  • Posted on: Nov 30 2014
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Can I Have Male Breast Reduction?

Male breast enlargement, also known as gynecomastia, is estimated to occur in roughly 60 percent of the male population. Although the condition is not a serious health threat, its negative effects on self-esteem is one of the reasons why there has been increased attention paid to the condition and its treatment. During initial consultations, men […]

  • Posted on: Nov 15 2014
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