Psychological Benefits of Breast Reduction

Most women want to have big breasts, but there are also others who dream to have smaller bosoms. Having huge breasts is not always good. It can be very appealing to men, but women with huge chests often experience discomfort. It also makes it hard for them to fit in their blouses. Overly big breasts can cause back and neck pain too. At the Plastic Surgery Group of Rochester, we do not only help women have bigger chests, but we also offer breast reduction in Rochester. Reduction mammoplasty involves the removal of breast skin, fat, and glandular tissue. This results in smaller and firmer bosoms.

During the procedure, a vertical incision or an incision with the shape of an anchor is made surrounding the areola. Excess glandular tissue, fat, and skin are then removed. The nipple is moved to a new position and the breast is shaped to its new contour. This is done by taking the remaining skin around the areola. If there is excess fat under the area of the armpit, you may also have to undergo liposuction.

Breast reduction reduces the size of the breasts and reshapes it. The areola and nipple are also shifted to a higher position. What you get are breasts that is proportional to the rest of the body for a more attractive look.

Breast reduction brings a lot of satisfaction to the patient. Its effects are not only physical, but also psychological. With smaller, tighter, and firmer breasts, you can wear whatever you want without any difficulty. You do not have to worry about men staring at your chest. You can also get rid of neck, back, and shoulder pain.

If you are tired of carrying the weight of your breasts and its negative effects on you both physically and emotionally, it is about time you undergo a reduction mammoplasty. Contact The Plastic Surgery Group of Rochester at (585) 922-5840 and learn more about this breast reduction procedure.


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