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Sagging eyebrows could immediately change a person’s facial expression. Eyebrows that are positioned in undesirable directions could make you appear sad, tired, or even angry. That is why a brow surgery in Rochester, NY could make a huge difference. This procedure involves raising the eyebrows to maintain a normal and refreshing appearance.

What makes the procedure more appealing is the availability of a new technique – the endoscopic approach.

What makes endoscopic brow lift special?

Unlike the traditional brow lift surgery which creates incisions to the skin, the endoscopic approach is minimally invasive since it only requires the creation of shorter cuts in the scalp. Through the cuts, a scope, with a small camera on its end, will be inserted on one cut and another device that will make the changes on the other.

Is the procedure painful?

Most patients will usually experience only minimal discomfort since local anesthesia will be administered during the procedure. Any discomfort experienced after the surgery may be alleviated by pain medications.

Who is the best candidate for this?

The procedure may reap great benefits if the patient is physically healthy, has realistic expectations in mind, and has the desire to enhance the drooping of his or her brows.

How will I recover in this procedure?

Although only minimal discomfort may be experienced, the patient could experience swelling as well. However, this will be alleviated by elevating the head during the first few days post-surgery. The bruising and swelling may fade for a week, though. Numbness could also be present but only temporarily.

What complications could result from this?

A brow lift could come with potential complications such as adverse anesthesia reaction, infection, bleeding, hematoma, or nerve injury. The patient may also find a need for another surgery.

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