Treating Unwanted Scars in Rochester, NY

  • Posted on: Feb 13 2014
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Scars, particularly those on the face and hands, can be unsightly. If you’re considering having a cosmetic procedure to address a scar, it is important to keep in mind that there is no way to completely get rid of a scar. But there are ways to make a scar much less noticeable. With the right surgeon and the right techniques, you can virtually eliminate the visibility of a scar.

Steroid injections are one option for scars that are the result of recent wounds, or scars that are reddish and/or raised. The injections will stimulate the healing cycle in your body naturally and cause the scars to fade more quickly than they would if left alone.

Patients with scars that are close to folds in the skin can us Z-Plasty, a surgical technique that can change the position of a scar to go into the skin creases, so that it appears as just a natural fold of skin.

Skin grafts take healthy skin from another non-visible part of the body and transfer it to the scarred area, helping to hide and heal the scar. This is an inpatient procedure, however, and requires longer healing time, so it is best used on larger scars.

All of these techniques are available at The Plastic Surgery Group of Rochester in Rochester, New York. Our experienced, professional team ensures that you will get the best treatment and results.

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