How to Recover From Dermabrasion

iStock-918109494 (1)Having smooth, healthy skin requires a little bit of work on your end. In addition to washing your face every day, using good skin care products, and wearing sunscreen, we also encourage patients to try some of our non-invasive procedures like dermabrasion.

What Is Dermabrasion?

Dermabrasion is a skin resurfacing procedure that uses a rotating diamond wheel to target the top few layers of the skin. In turn, this encourages your skin to slough off and reveal smoother, healthier skin in the process.

How to Recover?


Your skin may feel a little bit sensitive to the touch for at least a few days after dermabrasion. One of the things that we encourage our patients to do is apply a thick layer of thick moisturizing cream to their skin; this will help the skin heal faster and keep it protected at the same time. Just make sure you look for one that’s dermatologist recommended and fragrance-free because it will be more gentle on your skin than other moisturizers.

Watch the Sun

Your skin may be more prone to sun damage for up to a year after dermabrasion, and because it’s summertime, you are putting your skin at even more of a risk of burning. If you are going to be spending time outside, make sure that you apply sunscreen and wear a large brimmed hat; the more protection you have, the better.

Take NSAID’s

Your skin may not only be a little bit tender to the touch after dermabrasion, but it may be swollen as well. Try taking some over the counter non-steoridal anti-inflammatory drugs to help alleviate the swelling and combat the pain at the same time. Sometimes we tell patients to wait to take any NSAIDs until after the procedure, though, because it can cause bruising.

Having a safe and speedy recovery after dermabrasion is one of our goals. If you want to learn more about dermabrasion or dermabrasion recovery, contact our Rochester office and call (585) 922-5840.


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