Managing Your Rhinoplasty Expectations

  • Posted on: Apr 15 2015
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rhinoplasty rochester nyRhinoplasty, commonly known as nose-reshaping surgery, is a very delicate. Like all types of cosmetic surgery, managing your expectations in rhinoplasty is extremely important. The goal can never be perfection, but rather aesthetic improvement.

Not one size fits all
A nose that looks good on someone you know, a celebrity, or a public figure isn’t necessarily good for your face. It’s all about proportion and taking the rest of your facial features into account when planning for rhinoplasty.

Excellent rhinoplasty outcomes are a result of several factors:

  • Your surgeon
  • The firmness of your nasal cartilage
  • Skin complexion
  • General state of health
  • Adherence to post-operative instructions

Aiming for perfection through rhinoplasty is not only unrealistic but can become a dangerous obsession for many. In fact, many have undergone revision surgeries following a nose-reshaping procedure because their expectations were not met during the initial surgery. The problem with revision surgery is the possibility of permanent disfigurement after repeated modifications.

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