Seromas Following Plastic Surgery

seroma prevention rochester nyAs with all types of surgery, complications are a possibility after plastic surgery. At the Plastic Surgery Group of Rochester, your safety is our prime concern, but we still want our patients to be aware of possible complications.

The formation of seromas is something to look out for following major plastic surgery. A seroma can form when large amounts of tissue were removed in the procedure, such as during a tummy tuck or breast augmentation. The resulting damage to the lymphatic tissues and blood vessels during surgery causes fluid to leak. If these fluids pool, they can result in the formation of a seroma.

Smaller seromas tend to drain on their own, while larger seromas are more dangerous as they can lead to infection and poor wound healing. Large seromas will likely need to be drained.

The good news is that seromas can be prevented! The use of compression garments as instructed during recovery is crucial. Compression garments help improve lymphatic circulation around the incision site and consequently reduce swelling and the possibility of seroma formation. Gentle massages at the incision site can also help improve circulation.

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