Why Undergo Breast Reduction When Everyone’s Having Implants

breast reduction rochester nyCurrently, breast enhancement surgery remains one of the most popular surgical cosmetic procedures alongside liposuction and the Brazilian butt lift. While a majority of women are contemplating breast implants, there’s a smaller yet equally significant number of women who want to undergo breast reduction.

Why would these women want to reduce their breast size when other women are having surgery to have their breasts increased? It turns out that bigger isn’t necessarily better for some large-breasted women. Women with overly large breasts often have the following concerns:

Physical problems – constant skin irritation; chronic neck, back, and shoulder pain; painful grooves due to bra straps digging into the shoulders; limited movements particularly during exercise; poor posture; and difficulties finding well-fitting undergarments. Some women have reported numbness in the arm and elbow areas that is a result of nerve compression due to heavy breasts.

Psychosocial issues – increased self-consciousness, avoidance of social interactions, and reduced self-esteem.

Planning for your breast reduction
Breast reduction can be covered by insurance if the surgery can help alleviate the aforementioned physical concerns. At the Plastic Surgery Group of Rochester, breast reduction surgery begins with a personal consultation with one of our experienced surgeons. Call (585) 922-5840 to schedule an appointment today!


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