What Causes Age Spots?

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Taking care of your skin can be a challenge at times, especially when age spots appear. Age spots, also called liver spots or solar lentigines, are common skin issues that appear more frequently as we age.

These dark patches of skin can appear anywhere on the skin and are prone to areas that are exposed to sunlight. Plastic Surgery Group of Rochester offers age spot removal to help you say goodbye to them.

Sun Exposure

The primary cause of age spots is extended exposure to the sun, especially without skin protection. The sun is constantly emitting harmful UV light that can damage your skin. The radiation damage caused by UV light will result in the production of more melanin. This pigment that gives our skin color also is critical in protecting our skin from the sun. However, melanin can overproduce and clump up in our skin to form age spots.

Skin Changes From Aging

Our skin goes through many natural changes as we age that increase the chance of age spots. Melanin production becomes less regulated, and our skin’s ability to heal lowers. These changes can contribute to the clumping of melanin and the appearance of age spots. Also, certain genetic or hereditary factors may contribute to age spots developing as we age.

Hormonal Changes

Hormones dictate a large number of functions in the body and can play a role in forming age spots. Hormonal shifts from pregnancy, medications, menopause, and medical conditions can increase the chance of skin discolorations like age spots. Thankfully, these discolorations usually resolve themselves after the imbalance is corrected.

Inflammatory Reaction

Inflammation and irritation are both natural responses to wounds. However, the skin can naturally darken as part of the healing process. This results in something called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. The pigmentation caused by this can lead to age spots after cuts, burns, or acne breakouts.

Treating Age Spots in Rochester, NY

While there are steps you can take to try and prevent age spots, their development is often out of your control. However, at Plastic Surgery Group of Rochester, we provide age spot removal services. Our team of doctors believes in providing realistic, compassionate, and direct care to improve your cosmetic concerns.

Through communication and trust, our staff works hard to deliver the results you deserve. If you’re considering age spot removal, contact Plastic Surgery Group of Rochester at (585) 922-5840 to schedule your consultation today.


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