Uh-Oh. Is It Time for a Brow Lift?

Brow LiftGrowing older is a wonderful thing, but some of its side effects are less than desirable. You may not always like what you see when you look in the mirror, especially if you notice crepey skin, crow’s feet, or pronounced wrinkles. Droopy skin can make the joys of getting old seem burdensome. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can age gracefully and happily with a brow lift procedure.

Are Brow Lifts and Facelifts the Same?

Today, you may be tempted to use the words “brow lift” interchangeably with “facelift,” but these invasive surgical procedures are not the same. The plastic surgeon performs a brow lift on the upper half of your face, focusing on your eyebrow area and forehead. During a facelift, the plastic surgeon operates on the lower half of your face and neck. Therefore, a facelift will not affect the appearance of your eyes. You’ll need a brow lift operation if you want to see a difference in the skin around your eyes.

What Are Signs That I Need a Brow Lift?

Your Skin Sags

It is inevitable that your skin will lose some of its laxity and collagen as you age. The hoods of your eyes will droop progressively. The folds near your eyes will become more noticeable. Once this happens, it is usually an indication that a brow lift may be necessary. Although injections are an option, a brow lift has longer lasting results. The results from your brow lift can last up to 10 years whereas you’ll need a new injection every few months.

You Have Impaired Vision

In some (perhaps severe) cases, the skin around your eyes can droop and sag to such an extent that your vision becomes impaired. Vision impairment is particularly likely if you have droopy hooded eyes. If you’re at this point, then collagen-stimulating injections are not likely to repair this issue sufficiently. You’ll need surgery.

Your Eye Area Is Puffy

Sometimes, being of a mature age can result in having chronically puffy eyes. Puffy eyes can also stem from a high-sodium diet and poor sleep habits. If your puffiness is not resolved after using creams and changing your daily habits, then you may benefit from a brow lift.

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