Managing Scarring After Breast Augmentation Surgery

sweet fit form girl touching breast plastic surgeryBreast augmentation surgery is a popular cosmetic procedure that can help enhance a woman’s breast size and shape. While the procedure can provide significant aesthetic improvements, it can also leave scars. However, with proper care and management, patients can minimize the appearance of scarring and promote optimal healing. Learn how to manage scarring after breast augmentation surgery in this blog.

What Causes Scarring After Breast Augmentation Surgery? 

Breast augmentation surgery involves making incisions in the skin to insert the breast implants. These incisions typically leave scars, varying in size and location depending on the technique used. While scarring is a natural part of healing, it can be managed to minimize its appearance.

How to Manage Scarring After Breast Augmentation Surgery 

If you have undergone breast augmentation surgery, following your surgeon’s post-operative instructions carefully to minimize scarring is important. You should keep the incision areas clean and moisturized and avoid direct sunlight or tanning beds, which can cause discoloration. Smoking can also disrupt healing and increase the risk of complications, so avoid it.

  • During Recovery

During recovery, you should avoid strenuous activities or heavy lifting. Use mild soap and lukewarm water when cleaning the incision areas, avoiding scrubbing or rubbing. The breasts may also need to be supported by a special compression garment or bra while they heal.

  • Over Time

Scars will begin to fade and become less noticeable. It’s important to remember that the healing process differs for everyone, and scarring can vary in size and appearance. You should continue to monitor their incision areas and follow up with their surgeon if they have any concerns.

When to Seek Professional Help 

Scarring after breast augmentation may be more noticeable or irritating in certain situations. If you observe extreme redness, swelling, or soreness around the scar area, or if the marks are raised or enlarged, please don’t hesitate to consult a healthcare professional. In some cases, additional treatments, such as surgical scar revision and laser therapy, may be necessary to improve the scars’ appearance.

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