How to Maintain Breast Lift Results

Breast Lifts are very popular procedures for firming and lifting the breasts to a natural, youthful position. But years after getting a lift, many women are disappointed that they begin to see the visible signs of gravity taking place once again. Although these effects are eventually unavoidable, there are ways to keep your great results lasting longer, and delay the signs of aging in the breasts. If you’re considering, or have had a breast lift procedure, read on below to find out what you can do!

Eat Well & Don’t Diet

Eating right is a beneficial step to take at any stage in your life, but particularly after having a breast lift done. Eating healthy foods in the right amounts will obviously keep your weight in check. This is good for your chest because it will not cause the sagging skin that can occur from yo-yoing weight. It also protects your investment in the future – eating antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables can actually slow down the signs of aging and keep your breasts looking greater, longer. Foods rich in omega-3s will give those results an even further push too by diminishing signs of aging, as well as keeping skin moisturized which will slow down sagging and stretch marks from forming.,

Work Your Muscles

It’s no secret that strength training – whether you do light weights, pilates, yoga or a mix, will help you maintain a healthy weight. But building the underlying muscles of the chest will also help to keep it in a lifted position. This will further prevent sagging and benefit your entire body as well!

Use The Right Products

There are tons of products available for every skin type out there that will help to moisturize, firm your skin, and slow down signs of aging. Using these is simple – just apply to your chest once or twice daily! These creams often contain ingredients proven to firm the skin such as caffeine and collagen, and will also help by moisturizing skin – a proven sagging and stretch mark fighter.

Drink, drink! (water)

Just like moisturizing the skin with creams and fat in your diet is important, so is water! Health experts have spent the past two decades encouraging people to get their 8 glasses a day, yet most of us still don’t get enough. Drinking enough water will help restore moisture to the skin, slowing down aging, preventing sagging and stretch marks. Be sure to get your eight glasses per day!

It is possible to extend the results of your breast lift, and even improve it! Be sure to follow all the steps above, plus any your doctor gives you for a great looking chest for life!


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