Gear Up for Dryer Weather with New Skin Care Routine

skin care rochester nyWith fall in full swing and winter just around the corner, your skin is likely trying to suck up every last bit of moisture that it can receive. As one of the most damaging seasons to your skin, winter can leave you with dry, itchy patches all across your body and face. This season, instead of suffering through the dry skin, combat it early on and try this new skin care routine to get you through the harsh winter months.

  1. Serum

As a base layer to place under your face cream or moisturizer, a serum acts to help seal in any moisture in order for your skin to stay as hydrated as possible. When applying a serum, simply use a pea sized amount and spread it thinly across your entire face, avoiding your eyes. Due to their naturally light feeling texture, your serum will feel light and airy and you will probably feel like you need more but because it is just acting as a base layer, you are fine with a small amount.

  1. Face Cream

After you have applied your serum, now it’s time to lay on the face cream. If you traditionally use a face lotion in the spring, summer, and fall, try a face cream for the winter. As a thicker and more moisture enhanced alternative to face lotion, face creams will give you all the moisture you need. Just be sure to rub the cream into your skin and allow it to be absorbed before applying any makeup.

  1. Eye Cream

As one of the most sensitive areas on your face, the skin under your eyes is prone to dryness during the winter months. In order to prevent any flaking or peeling that may occur, try using a gentle eye cream under and around your eyes to restore the moisture. After you apply your face cream, simply use a very small amount of eye cream and gently rub it under and around your eyes using your index finger. Be sure not to press too hard because you don’t want to damage the soft tissue that is around your eyes.

By following this skin care routine this winter, you can help to combat any harsh dryness that might occur. By incorporating a serum, face cream, and eye cream, you will have a smoother and glowier complexion.

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