3 Things to Avoid After a Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty Surgery in Rochester NYIf you either hate the appearance of your nose or simply hate having breathing problems, then you might need to get a rhinoplasty (most commonly referred to as a nose job). As a fairly basic cosmetic procedure, nose jobs  can be done within a few hours and you will typically be sent home by the end of the day. However, once you are home, you need to properly treat and take care of the surgical site in order to make sure that it properly heals. Here are three things that you should avoid during recovery after your nose job.

  1. Smoking

If you’re an avid smoker, going the day of surgery without lighting up might seem like pure torture. However, gear up for a few weeks without a cigarette because smoking during recovery is one of the absolute worst things you can do for your body. Smoking naturally slows down the body’s ability to recover and all of that added smoke will sneak up into your noses passageways and cause you to feel— well, less than comfortable.

  1. Rigorous Exercise

If you are  gym rat and just can’t seem to skip a day or two of lifting weights or getting some cardio, this thing to avoid might come as a big slap to the face. However, during the week or two after your surgery it’s important to avoid rigorous exercise activities. Yes, exercise is a healthy activity, but while your body is working to heal, it needs to rest from any sort of extreme activity. If you just need to get out and can’t sit still, try going for a long walk to clear your mind. Walking is one of the healthiest activities you can participate in and it will also get you out of the house and ready to move.

  1. Blowing Your Nose

Nothing is worse than sneezing and not having a tissue anywhere in sight— or nothing is worse until you get a nose job. As your nose properly heals for the next 2-3 weeks, it’s important to avoid blowing it. Blowing your nose puts added pressure on the tissues inside of your nose and may cause further irritation. In fact, as your nose heals, try to breathe solely through your mouth. And if one of those nasty sneezes sneaks up on you, try to sneeze through your mouth as well. As much of an annoyance as this all may sound, it will be over in just a few short weeks and you will be back to your normal self.

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