Sick of Acting Your Age? How You Can Get Rid of Age Spots

Laser Services Rochester NY | Anti-AgingWhen you were little, all you wanted to be was an adult, aka an astronaut, teacher, firefighter, or whatever your heart fancied. And now that you finally are an adult, suddenly your age seems a whole less glamorous— especially when you have age spots to show for it.

Typically age spots affect patients who are over the age of 50. They are small dark areas on the skin and are usually present on your hands, face, shoulders, and arms. Although age spots can often be mistaken for cancerous growths, true age spots are harmless and only need treatment for cosmetic purposes.

Bleaching Agents

For years, sun spots were removed with bleaching agents such as hydroquinone or retinol, which with consistent use helped to lighten age spots and ultimately help get rid of their overall appearance.


One sun spot treatment option that we offer our patients at The Plastic Surgery Group of Rochester is laser technology. By breaking up the pigment in your sun spots, a laser can help break up the discoloration in your skin after just a couple of sessions. To get the most effective results, a laser can be used in conjunction with topical bleaching agents.


Microdermabrasion uses small round disks to gently exfoliate the top few layers of the skin. Once they have been properly exfoliated, the new skin is regenerated in its place which helps to get rid of your age spots in the process. Depending on how many suns spots you have, their size, and color, we will be able to determine how many treatments it will take to give you results.


This process uses either liquid nitrogen or another freezing agent to freeze off your age spot and get rid of the pigment.

Get rid of your sun spots and schedule your laser treatment with our Rochester office today!


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