When to Make the Decision to Have Eyelid Surgery

A combination of factors such as advancing age, hereditary reasons, and exposure to harsh environmental elements such as ultraviolet radiation almost always is the culprit of puffy eyelids and the appearance of increasingly loose skin surrounding it.

Here at our Rochester cosmetic surgery practice, men and women seek our expertise in eyelid surgery to help them improve the appearance of their tired and aging eyelids which tend to add more years to their actual age. Last year alone, it has been noted that more people are now concerned about the appearance of sagging, fatty pouches in the under eye area as blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery took the third spot (up by 5.4 percent from last year) in the top 5 surgical cosmetic procedures for 2013.

If you’re not sure yet if it’s an eyelid surgery that you need for your problems concerning the eye area, we’ll help you figure out below!

An eyelid lift will work to your advantage if you have the following cosmetic goals and preferences:

  • You want to reduce the appearance of those unsightly puffy bags under the eyes. An eyelid lift can either remove or redistribute excess fat that is causing the puffiness.
  • You want to totally remove the appearance of excess, loose skin around the eyes. In some cases, an eyelid lift may become medically necessary when the loose skin starts to impede one’s peripheral vision and affect one’s daily activities such as reading and driving.
  • You want to restore your eyelid’s naturally youthful contours by reducing droopiness through tightening the muscles surrounding the eyelids.

However, an eyelid lift may not be the ideal cosmetic procedure for the following concerns:

  • totally remove dark circles, particularly in the under eye area
  • remove crow’s feet (fine lines in the outermost corner of the eyes)
  • improve the appearance of sagging eyebrows

For the aforementioned concerns, it may be best for you to address them with minimally invasive cosmetic procedure such as dermal fillers (Botox for crow’s feet) and/or a separate procedure (a forehead lift for sagging eyebrows).

Your Personalized Eyelid Surgery Plan at The Plastic Surgery Group of Rochester
An eyelid surgery can either be done alone or in conjunction with other facial rejuvenation procedures such as dermal fillers, chemical peels, and laser resurfacing procedures to help achieve your desired outcomes. You can even choose to have it done with other types of cosmetic surgery such as a forehead lift.

Let us help you come up with a personalized eyelid surgery plan by setting up an appointment with us! Call us at (585) 922-5840 or fill out this contact form to schedule a consultation. We look forward to your visit!


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