Vectra System

Vectra system is a new computer technology for cosmetic or plastic surgery that allows patients to see exactly what they would look like after their cosmetic surgery.   Patients that aspire to have their bust, nose, eyes, hips, thighs to look like those of their admired actresses or models can take advantage of  Vectra 3D which is the new advance medical technology that will help them to get mental pictures of the results of their plastic surgery.  This is to see to it that the expected results will fit with their facial or body structures.  The highly qualified plastic surgeons of The Plastic Surgery Group of Rochester facilitates this kind of service through its fully accessible office located at Rochester, Buffalo, Sycaruse and its neighboring areas in New York.

How Does Vectra System Works?

Vectra system works by taking a 3D dimensional of a targeted face or body area through a sophisticated imaging equipment to outline the outer anatomy of the face or body.  This 3D images can be rotated in all directions and the plastic surgeon can make adjustments or modifications through a computer screen and show to the patient the 3D model and the simulation of the surgery. The visual simulation will include a before and after surgical results.

The plastic surgeon will have a further discussions with the patient about the outcome the patient hoped to achieve and what is best for the patient’s facial and body profile. Through this process the patient can have various options before making a decision of the plastic or cosmetic surgery.

What Are The Benefits Of Vectra System?

Vectra system allows patients to have various options on the expected results of a plastic surgery that enhances the consultation process before the decision of a surgery. Below are some of the common benefits of Vectra 3D imaging:

  • Personalized imaging with patient participation
  • Clear visualization and simulation of the expected results
  • Patient confidence is increased
  • Fully defined surgical goal

Schedule a consultation and talk confidently with one of the highly skilled plastic surgeons of  The Plastic Surgery Group of Rochester located in the surrounding areas of New York and more specifically at Rochester, Buffalo and Sycaruse. Your plastic surgeon will talk more about the benefits and advantages that you can derived with the new advance technology of Vectra 3D. The Plastic Surgery Group of Rochester will make sure to sculpt your face and body with the aim of quality and customer satisfaction.


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