Top reasons why women undergo a breast reduction

istock 1284695374Breast reduction surgery is a popular cosmetic surgical procedure with a high patient satisfaction rate. In fact, many patients say that they wish they had undergone the surgery years ago because of the relief they feel. If you’ve thought about a breast reduction, also called reduction mammaplasty, here are some of the top reasons why it’s a popular surgery and other important things you should know.

  • Surgery provides medical benefits such as reducing pain in the back, shoulders and neck, skin irritation, poor posture and skeletal deformities. Some women experience deep impressions or indentations in their shoulders caused by bra straps that dig into the skin due to the weight they bear. Surgery provides pain relief, improved posture, reduces the appearance of stretch marks and helps a woman the ability to participate in physical activities they may have avoided before due to discomfort or embarrassment. 
  • Surgery also provides non-medical benefits such as helping a woman feel better about herself after reducing the size of her exceptionally large breasts. Breast reduction surgery helps improve confidence and makes shopping more enjoyable as clothes fit better. 
  • Women who are physically or emotionally affected by the size of their large breasts may be candidates for surgery. 
  • Breast reduction surgery consists of removing excess glandular tissue, fat and skin from the breasts to make them smaller, lighter and even firmer. 
  • Depending on the condition of your breast, an anchor-shaped or vertical-limited incision may be used to perform surgery. You will have some scarring, but the incisions are made so that scars are limited and will fade over time. 
  • The goal of a breast reduction is to reduce the size of exceptionally large breasts to make the breasts more in proportion to the rest of the woman’s body. 
  • A breast reduction may be performed with other surgeries, including a breast lift or breast augmentation surgery. 
  • Many insurance companies require that patients be at least 18 years old or older. 

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