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For all the time that I have been working as a plastic surgeon, I have come to know how much importance the residents of Rochester NY place on their overall appearance and how this consequently affects their self-image and self-confidence.  So I feel for those that have lost their breasts due to a mastectomy or lumpectomy procedure.  A good thing about our practice at The Plastic Surgery Group of Rochester is that we offer breast reconstruction, as one of our many innovative procedures, to help restore the normal appearance of the breasts that have been lost by these patients.

Breast reconstruction is a treatment that aims to rebuild the breasts through a series of surgical procedures.  Our patients have the option of using tissue expander breast implants, or flap reconstruction to recreate breast mass.  When using tissue expander breast implants, we insert a biocompatible tissue expander under a pocket made in the patient’s chest wall that will be subsequently filled with a saline solution after placement.  In flap construction, we will be harvesting tissues from different areas of the patient’s body and use them for the breast reconstruction process – for patients without much chest tissue left due to mastectomy, this is the usual recommendation.  For both options, nipple reconstruction would have to be delayed until the breast mound reconstruction is complete.

Breast reconstruction can definitely help mastectomy patient’s get right on the horse and this gives them the much needed confidence boost.  Every woman who has been able to survive a mastectomy surely deserve to feel good about herself, for inside lies a strong woman.

Drop by for a personal consultation at 10 Hagen Drive, Suite 310, Rochester, NY, or visit our website to know more about breast reconstruction and the other options that we have for you. you can also call us at (585) 922-5840 for more inquiries.


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