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I have been treating patients in Rochester, NY for a long time now and in my practice at The Plastic Surgery Group of Rochester, not only do I help patients who want to improve their appearance and look youthful, I also assist patients with conditions that affect their day to day activities.  One perfect example of one such porcedure is spider vein removal.  Spider veins or telangiectasia are thin purple to red lines or web-like blood vessels that are often visible in the legs, ankles or feet that are caused by heredity, birth control pills, and obesity.  Although spider veins are harmless, they can sometimes cause discomfort in the legs, cause aching and sometimes a burning pain in the afected region when a patient stands for longer periods of time.

All the doctors at The Plastic Surgery Group of Rochester are trained to provide both traditional and innovative methods of spider vein removal.  In cases where spider veins are not so severe, I recommend my patients to use compression stockings which help to support and apply pressure on the blood vessels.  But in more severe cases, patients can choose to have their spider veins removed by sclerotherapy or laser surgery.  Sclerotherapy can be very effective when done properly.  This is done by injecting a solution that will scar and close the veins so that blood will change its route to healthier veins.  Laser surgery, on the other hand, removes spider veins by sending bursts of light into the vein causing it to fade and disappear.  Using laser surgery for spider vein removal is preferred when treatment is to be made on the facial area.

Through spider vein removal, patients can eventually be able to flaunt those legs and, at the same time, relieve the pain and discomfort that the condition once caused.

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