Rhinoplasty – Will It Help Me?

rhinoplasty rochester nyWhy choose Rhinoplasty?

Beyond its role in breathing, the nose is also one of the most important features of our facial appearance. It provides stability and symmetry to our face. However, the nose needs to be proportionate to the rest of the face. A disproportionate nose can come from genetics, a birth defect, or can be the result of trauma or injury to the nose.

Rhinoplasty, commonly known as a nose job, is a cosmetic surgery where the shape and size of the nose can be changed. In cases where there is a defect in the nose that may affect breathing, rhinoplasty can also restore proper function.

We have extensive experience performing rhinoplasty. The procedure involves making incisions inside the nose to access bone and cartilage that needs to be removed or reshaped. After this is done, the skin and tissue are redraped over the structure of the nose. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia with mild sedation.

What should I expect after surgery?

After surgery, you will wear a splint on your new nose to support it. This will be removed in about a week. There will be swelling and bruising around your eyes and nose, and that can last up to two weeks. For the first few days following surgery, you’ll need to keep your head elevated and relatively still. It will be several weeks before you can resume strenuous activity.

If you don’t the like size or shape of your nose, you can change it with rhinoplasty. Call us for a consultation!


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