RhinoplastyAt The Plastic Surgery Group of Rochester, rhinoplasty surgery is used to alter the size and shape of a patient’s nose. Our surgeons in Rochester can perform rhinoplasty to reduce or increase the size of your nose, to alter the shape of the bridge or the tip, reduce the width of your nostrils, or correct the way your nose is positioned. Rhinoplasty can also be used correct a birth defect or injury to the nose, and to help relieve nose-related problems with breathing.

Rhinoplasty Surgery

At our facilities in Rochester, rhinoplasty surgery usually takes an hour or two, though more complicated operations may take more time. First, the skin is separated from the cartilage and bone that make up the structure of the nose. Your physician at the Plastic Surgery Group of Rochester may perform rhinoplasty from inside the nose, with the incisions located inside the nostrils. Your plastic surgeon may, on the other hand, prefer to perform rhinoplasty as an “open” procedure. “Open” rhinoplasty is often used in more complicated cases.

After making the incisions, your rhinoplasty surgeon sculpts the underlying structure of your nose into the desired shape. The type of sculpting performed will depend on the decisions you and your surgeon have made concerning what your new nose should look like. At the end of the rhinoplasty procedure, your plastic surgeon pulls the skin back down over the newly-sculpted nose structure, and seals all incisions with stitches. Dressings and splints will usually be off by the end of the first week after the rhinoplasty surgery.

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