Rejuvenate Your Skin: How to Conduct an At-Home Facial

facials | rochester nyIn between getting your Botox, chemical peels, or spa facials from The Plastic Surgery Group of Rochester, it’s important that you give your skin the rejuvenation it needs in order to stay as clear and healthy as possible. And although you may think that washing your face is enough, giving yourself an at-home facial once every few weeks will help you to feel as good as possible. Read on to learn more about how you can conduct an at-home facial.

1. Cleanse

The first step in any facial is to cleanse your skin in order to rid it of any make-up, dirt, or impurities. To cleanse your skin, you can simply use a facial cleanser and follow-up with some sort of astringent to get off any excess dirt. Additionally, if you are wearing eye makeup, make sure to take it off with something strong such as an eye makeup remover.

2. Mask It

Another fun step that you can take when doing your at-home facial is to apply a clay face mask. When looking for a face mask, make sure that you choose one that is specifically designed for your skin type— you don’t want one that will dry you out too much. Once you have picked the right face mask, simply take a quarter sized amount of the mask and apply it all across your face.

3. Exfoliate

The next step in the at-home facial process is to exfoliate your skin in order to get rid of any dead skin that is building up around areas like your T-zone— your forehead, nose, and chin. When exfoliating your skin, make sure that you only apply a gentle amount of pressure— applying too much pressure isn’t necessary and could irritate your skin.

4. Moisturize

As the final step in the at-home facial process, it’s important that you apply both an all-ver facial moisturizer and an eye cream. Both of these moisturizers will help to seal in all of the moisture in your skin and will help to balance out your skin type to prevent you from drying out too much or breaking out.

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In between your treatments at The Plastic Surgery Group of Rochester, try giving yourself an at-home facial every two weeks— you won’t regret it! To learn more or to schedule an appointment, contact The Plastic Surgery Group of Rochester today!


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