The Importance of Massage Following Breast Enhancement Surgery

Breast Enhancement Surgery | Rochester NYIf you are scheduled to get a breast augmentation done at The Plastic Surgery Group of Rochester, nothing will make you look and feel more alive than seeing your results afterwards. However, in order to obtain the best results possible and to have a speedy recovery, it’s important to understand how to properly massage your breasts afterwards. Read on to learn more about the importance of massage and how to perform the correct technique.

Why Massage?
When you introduce any foreign substance to your body, your body’s natural response to it is to create an excess amount of scar tissue in order to protect your body and prevent any of the new substance (your implants) from spreading throughout your body. However, scar tissue will help prevent your body from being able to heal properly and can even cause your breast implants to not look quite right. By massaging your breasts after surgery, however, you can help to break up the scar tissue that your body is naturally forming which will help to speed up the recovery process and make you feel like your normal self once again.

How Can I Massage My Breast?
Before you start to massage your breast, it’s important to know the proper technique to use so that you don’t cause any bruising or harm to the incision site.

Step 1: Take a little bit of lotion or warm your hands before applying pressure.
Step 2: Take both hands and place them on one of your breasts surrounding your nipple.
Step 3: Start applying pressure (you won’t pop your implants) and move the implant away from the tissue. If it’s too painful, try a little bit everyday until the pain starts to subside.
Step 4: Repeat every day for a few weeks or until any tenderness has vanished.

Massaging your breasts using the proper technique will help you recover with ease. In order to learn more about recovery or to simply schedule a consultation with The Plastic Surgery Group of Rochester, contact our office today!


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