How to Combat Dry Skin This Season

Combat dry skin in Rochester NYWith fall in full swing and winter just around the corner, it has people everywhere fearing the dreaded snow and added chill to the air. And although these kinds of attributes can be charming during the holiday season, the charm can quickly diminish when you’re faced with painful things like chronic dry skin. Combat your dry skin this season with these following steps.


Nothing is quite as painful is having dry, chapped hands. Not only can the dryness cause your hands to bleed but it can also cause things like opening and closing your hands to be quite painful. Get a head start on chapped hands this season and start using a thick hand cream on your hands after every time you wash your hands. Because soap has a natural drying agent that will dry out your skin, it can wreak havoc on your hands. However, by adding a thick moisturizing cream on top of your skin, you won’t have to deal with the pain of dry, cracked hands.


Having a dry face can make things like shaving or putting on makeup to be downright painful and disgusting. In order to combat dry skin on your face, make sure that you are properly hydrating your skin both morning and night. If you typically use a gentle lotion all over your face, consider switching to a face cream this season instead. Creams are thicker and better at holding in the moisture on your skin.


As a part of your body that’s consistently neglected, your feet receive a lot of wear and tear no matter what season it is. In order to make sure that your feet stay moisturized and hydrated this season, try placing lotion on your feet before bed and then putting soft socks on. The socks will help to ensure that the moisture is sealed in and that your feet are receiving the hydration they deserve.

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