How to Accentuate Your Eyes After a Brow Lift

brow lift rochesterGetting a brow lift can feel like a life changing experience. As you age, the skin around your eyes and forehead loses elasticity and causes your eyes to appear a bit more saggy than you once remember. Once you have received an eye lift, it can be hard to learn how to apply makeup and accentuate your eyes in a way that’s flattering. Read on to learn more.

  1. Concealer
    When it comes to makeup, concealer is your best friend. Designed to conceal things like dark circles under your eyes and any blemishes, concealer can be applied all around the eye to make you look more awake and alive. After receiving a brow lift, you will want to accentuate your eyes and make them look more awake than ever. Simply apply a tiny dot of concealer under your eyes, on your eyelids, and under your brow line— just make sure that you are using a concealer that perfectly matches your complexion.
  2. Brow Pencils
    Now that your eyebrows are lifted to the position that they are supposed to be, it’s important to highlight your eyebrows in a subtle way that’s not distracting. To start out with, make sure that your eyebrows are well shaped and tweezed, otherwise a brow pencil won’t do the trick. Once your eyebrows are the ideal shape and size, look for a brow pencil that is a shade or two darker than your natural eyebrows— unless of course your eyebrows are black. To apply the brow pencil, start on the inner part of the eyebrow by your nose and gentle start shading in the areas of skin between your eyebrows, moving slowly to the outer part of your eyebrows and following their natural shape.
  3. Mascara
    If you are going to wear one type of eye makeup, make sure that it is mascara. Mascara helps to accentuate the shape, size, and color of your eyes making them pop. And with your new brow lift, you don’t want your eyes to be hidden under a mound of dark makeup. Simply apply a few layers of mascara on both your upper and lower eyelashes.

Take control over your newly improved face and try these three tips to help accentuate your eyes after a brow lift. To learn more about brow lifts, contact our office today!


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