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Age Spot Removal Rochester NYAge spots are something most people are oblivious to until they get a few themselves. If you have started to get sun spots on your face or body, then we at The Plastic Surgery Group of Rochester can help. But before we delve into treatments, let’s take a closer look at some basic information about this skin condition.

What’s an Age Spot?

Age spots are flat, brown spots that appear all across the body— typically on the face and hands— that are usually more prominent with age.

How Are Age Spots Formed?

Usually, age spots are formed by spending long amounts of time out in the sun. However, there are other factors, such as medication and hormones, that can make age spots worse.

What’s the Difference Between age Spots and Sun Spots?

Whether you call them age spots, sun spots, or liver spots, they are all the same thing. Typically, these age spots are caused by sun damage and get worse over time (the more time you spend in the sun, the worse they will get).

Do Age Spots Come Back?

Depending on your skin type and other factors like how much time you spend in the sun and if you wear sunscreen or not will determine whether or not your age spots come back. To help prevent them from coming back, we encourage patients to wear a sunscreen that has an SPF 30 or higher every day. And, for an extra layer of protection, we also encourage patients to invest in sunscreen that contains either zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.

How Are Age Spots Treated?

Here at The Plastic Surgery Group of Rochester we treat age spots with laser treatments. Laser works by targeting the pigment in the skin to break it up which helps reduce the overall appearance of sunspots. Depending on the severity of your sunspots and the location will help us determine just how many laser sessions will be required for you and your skin.

Are you ready to take the steps to learn more about laser for age spots? Schedule your consultation at our Rochester office today and call us at (585) 922-5840.


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