Do You Look Perpetually Upset or Angry? A Brow Lift May Lighten Up Your Day!

One of the most common concerns of men and women who seek our facial rejuvenation services here at our Rochester cosmetic surgery practice is that they’re often perceived as angry, tired or upset all the time by the people around them. Every so often, these people find themselves asked with “What’s wrong” when there’s actually nothing wrong in the first place.

The Case of the Too Low Brows

Although there are a variety of factors that can influence others to perceive you as upset, sad, or tired such as your race and the way you dress, how your face look like could give people a wrong idea about you. Worst of all, they might even avoid interacting with you!

Misleading facial expressions can be majorly influenced by the following:

  • Appearance of wrinkles and folds in the forehead resulting to too low brows
  • Deep set or squinting eyes (common among Asians)
  • Naturally downturned lips which gives the impression that one is chronically frowning

Of the aforementioned characteristics, the last two can be attributed to genetics and racial background. The good news is that the first factor listed (appearance of wrinkles and folds in the forehead) can actually be remedied with a cosmetic procedure known as the brow lift.

Lighten Up Things with a Brow Lift!

A brow lift by the Plastic Surgery Group of Rochester is designed to give a fresher and more rejuvenated appearance to your eyes and face through careful elevation of the brows which often contribute to the perpetually angry or upset look. During your initial consultation with one of our highly experienced brow lift surgeons, a thorough discussion of your cosmetic needs and preferences will be done as well as careful physical assessment of your eyes and face including skin elasticity, bone structure, skin tone and texture, and muscle dynamics in the upper third of the face.

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