Crow’s Feet: Can They Be Prevented?

Crow's Feet“Is there a way for me to delay the appearance of unsightly lines on the outermost corners of the eye?”

A woman in her late 20s came to visit us for a consultation the other day and asked the aforementioned question. We have also noticed an increasing number of patients who are quite concerned with the appearance of such lines, also known as crow’s feet.

Luckily, the appearance of crow’s feet can be delayed even if you have genes that pre-dispose you to having them. Regular application of sunscreen to the skin surrounding the eyes is a crucial step because the appearance of crow’s feet has mainly to do with prolonged, unprotected sun exposure.

Your facial expression is next on the list of things you can do to delay the development of crow’s feet. Generally, a wrinkle is formed every time a muscle contracts underneath the skin. When you squint or frown, a muscle contracts. Therefore, the more you squint, frown, or raise an eyebrow, the greater your chances of ending up with crow’s feet. But it’s unrealistic to assume a person can consciously avoid these expressions, so an easier way to delay the development of crow’s feet is to wear your sunglasses. Why? They stop you from squinting.

And last, but certainly not least, you might want to learn more about Botox. While Botox itself is used in eliminating wrinkles and lines such as crow’s feet, a good number of our patients are now scheduling Botox injections as a means of preemptively stopping crow’s feet.

Ultimately, what works for you in delaying the appearance of crow’s feet may not work for your friend or co-worker. At the Plastic Surgery Group of Rochester, our approach to crow’s feet prevention is customized and will be made after a thorough assessment and evaluation.

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