How to Cover Up Your Face While It’s Healing from Skin Cancer Treatment

As one of the most common forms of cancer, skin cancer inflicts about 500,000 new patients every year. Luckily, even though there are a lot of people diagnosed each year if it is caught early on, it is treatable. Here at The Plastic Surgery Group of Rochester, our doctors can diagnose and treat your skin cancer. Depending on the type of skin cancer and the location, we can either burn it off or surgically remove it. As your skin is healing from the procedure, however, you may have a noticeable scar that will diminish over time. To help you keep your confidence as your skin is healing, we have created a brief article with tips on how to cover it up. Read on to learn more.

Keep It Moisturized

One of the best things you can do to prevent your skin from scarring after having cancer removed is to keep the area moisturized. The more moisturized the skin is, the more elasticity it will have to heal properly without scarring. To use a moisturizer, apply a small amount of unscented face creams like Eucerin or Cetaphil to the incision site and around it, twice a day. Additionally, to make sure that your skin doesn’t scar after having surgery, apply a sunscreen over the top of your moisturizer during the day. The less sun exposure your incision has, the less likely you are to scar.

Try a Concealer

When it comes to blemishes, scars, and incisions, one of the best things you can use is a concealer. When shopping for a concealer, make sure to choose one that is a slight shade lighter than your natural skin— this will help conceal your blemish better.

Add a Powder

Now that you have concealed your blemish with a concealer, you need to blend it in with the rest of your face. The best way to do that? With either a loose or pressed powder. When choosing a powder, make sure to get matched perfectly so that it doesn’t look streaky or caked on.

Having skin cancer doesn’t have to be a big deal if it is caught early on. If you have to have some skin cancer removed from your face, use the tips listed above to help hide your blemish as it heals. To learn more about skin cancer and skin cancer treatment, contact The Plastic Surgery Group of Rochester today!


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