Is Carpal Tunnel a Hand Me Down?

Body Procedures Rochester, NYOkay, we aren’t talking about the pair of jeans you got handed down and had to hand down to your younger siblings, we are talking about genetics. When it comes to virtually every part of your health it’s nice to know what runs in the family, right? That way you can know what things you can do to protect yourself, and best of all, you can blame your parents— a win, win in our book (Sorry mom!). But in all seriousness, from heart conditions to even your hand health, it’s nice to know what’s genetic and what isn’t.

Here at The Plastic Surgery Group of Rochester, we specialize in a variety of treatments including hand surgery to help patients find relief from joint diseases like carpal tunnel syndrome. One of the leading questions that get asked about this condition is whether or not it’s genetic. Let’s take a closer look.

More About Carpal Tunnel

When it comes to carpal tunnel syndrome, people often think that only piano players and executive assistants get them because they’re always using their fingers and hands. However, carpal tunnel syndrome can affect people of all ages and occupations.

One of the main things to know about genetic predispositions to carpal tunnel syndrome, it’s that it tends to affect people who have certain genetic and environmental risk factors. For instance, if your parents were obese and you are two, the extra weight can contribute to carpal tunnel syndrome. Other risk factors include alcohol abuse, mental stress, and smoking.

Additionally, carpal tunnel syndrome has been shown to have an association with people who have a family history of this disorder. Most commonly, young people with this condition most likely have it due to a genetic component.

With The proper care and treatment, we at The Plastic Surgery Group Of Rochester can help you find comfort and relief from your carpal tunnel syndrome. To learn more about the treatments we offer, schedule your appointment at our Rochester office today! Call our office at (585) 922-5840.


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