Breast Reductions Helps Both Men and Women

When we think of breast reduction, we tend to think of women with larger breasts who need to reduce their size for medical reasons or to improve quality of life. But what most people don’t know is that many men also undergo the procedure every year.

Male breast reduction can help men who have sagging in the pectoral area genetically — a condition known as gynecomastia — or who have lost a lot of weight and need to firm up the loose chest skin.

In men, breast reduction removes excess fat, tissue, and skin to give the pectorals a firm, smooth look. It is ideal for men of a healthy weight and not intended as a weight loss solution

For issues that stem solely from excess fat, liposuction alone can be used. A small tube called a cannula is inserted and moved back and forth to loosen excess fat, then suctioned out with a vacuum.

Excision is the technique used for removing glandular breast tissue or excess skin. It is also used when the areola must be reduced or repositioned. Incisions are made according to what needs to be done and which way the skin needs to be pulled back. The skin is tightened, and excess is removed.

Combination surgeries of excision and liposuction are common for this type of procedure since most men need both. The fat is removed through liposuction and then the skin tightened with an excision.

Recovery takes a few weeks. You may return to a desk job after a few days, but any physical activity or heavy lifting will need to wait six to eight weeks post op.

If you are considering getting male reduction surgery because of gynecomastia, be sure to speak with your surgeon to decide which surgery and recovery options are best for your body.


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