Tone Up: Male Breast Reduction Surgery

When you think of breast reduction surgeries, you likely imagine an older, overweight women opting to reduce her breast size due to the strain it is causing her back. However, breast reduction surgery is gaining popularity not only among younger women, but men as well. Read on to learn more about male breast reduction surgery. […]

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How to Combat Dry Skin This Season

With fall in full swing and winter just around the corner, it has people everywhere fearing the dreaded snow and added chill to the air. And although these kinds of attributes can be charming during the holiday season, the charm can quickly diminish when you’re faced with painful things like chronic dry skin. Combat your […]

Shoulders and Face

3 Things to Avoid After a Rhinoplasty

If you either hate the appearance of your nose or simply hate having breathing problems, then you might need to get a rhinoplasty (most commonly referred to as a nose job). As a fairly basic cosmetic procedure, nose jobs  can be done within a few hours and you will typically be sent home by the […]


Gear Up for Dryer Weather with New Skin Care Routine

With fall in full swing and winter just around the corner, your skin is likely trying to suck up every last bit of moisture that it can receive. As one of the most damaging seasons to your skin, winter can leave you with dry, itchy patches all across your body and face. This season, instead […]

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Paint on Longer Lashes

With everyone heading to their local eyelash girls to get eyelash extensions, it can leave you feeling a bit envious of those eye-popping beauties. However, due to the expensive upkeep and the probability that your natural eyelashes just might fall out too, eyelash extensions aren’t always what they’re cracked up to be. However, with Latisse, […]

Tummy Tuck? How to Stay Toned

Although getting a tummy tuck can make you look and feel like you just received a miracle procedure, the work doesn’t stop directly after surgery. If you don’t already have healthy habits to support your new found flat and taut tummy, it’s time to make some changes. From your diet to doing crunches, these three […]

How to Know if Breast Implants are Right For You

Breast enhancement surgery is the most common form of plastic surgery undergone each day. And it is one of the easiest to recover from. If you’ve been considering getting breast enhancement surgery, but still aren’t sure if it’s right for you, here are some questions to ask yourself. Who Are You Doing It For? As […]

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Before and After Acne

4 Ways to Combat Acne

Yes, braces, permed hair, and a face load of acne may all be things that you thought you could leave in your 7th grade yearbook, however acne affects millions of adults every day. If you suffer from acne due to either hormonal imbalances (queue that time of the month), stress, or oily skin, gather in […]

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Want Plastic Surgery? 4 Things to Ask Yourself

Some forms of plastic surgery like fillers and injections aren’t permanent. However, if you’re considering have a more invasive type of plastic surgery like breast enhancement surgery or a facelift, it’s crucial to not be hasty. Take time to think about whether or not it’s the right thing for you, and ask yourself the following […]

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Exercise After Breast Reduction

Recovery following plastic surgery plays a crucial role in achieving desired outcomes. Questions about when it is OK to begin exercising again are typical. While each individual is different, there are certain general rules on when it’s best to return to exercise when recovering from breast reduction. Patients are generally advised not to engage in […]