Blepharoplasty Fixes Tired Looking Eyes

RhinoplastyThe skin around our eyes is very fine, and as we age the skin loses elasticity and has the tendency to sag, droop and wrinkle. The muscles supporting our eyelids can become weak over time, and excess fat sometimes stores itself under our eyes. The unfortunate effect is that we are left looking tired, and older or more worn out than we really feel.

This problem can also affect our vision, reducing peripheral vision. Droopy eyelids and excess skin can get in the way of our ability to see.

Treatment Options

One solution is to surgically remove the excess skin and fat that is present above and below the eyes. This procedure is known as a blepharoplasty.

We conduct blepharoplasties to give you a fresh and youthful look. With the excess tissue around your eyes removed, your eyes appear much bigger and brighter. This type of surgery is very effective and can enhance the natural beauty of your eyes.

What Preparation and Recovery is Involved?

Before undergoing surgery you will meet with your doctor several times for a consultation. Here, you will make sure you are a good candidate for the surgery. In the weeks leading up to surgery, you will need to quit smoking and follow your doctor’s recommendations about certain medications, such as aspirin, which can increase the likelihood of bleeding.

Blepharoplasties are typically outpatient procedures that will be finished in a few hours. You may experience some discomfort, bruising, puffiness and sensitivity to light. Plan ahead and have someone ready to drive you home and stay with you the first night after from surgery. Schedule a few days off of work while your eyes adjust.

Talk to your doctor about recovery before your procedure. It may help if you don’t wear contact lenses, avoid smoking, swimming and heavy lifting. Cold compresses can also help reduce swelling.

What are the Risks and Benefits?

As with any surgery, there is a small chance of bleeding or infection. Serious complications are very rare, but will be discussed prior to surgery.

A blepharoplasty has a very short recovery time, and is a permanent solution for tired looking eyes. Talk to your doctor about how it could help you!


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