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Probably one of the parts of the head that we pay less attention to are the ears and we are often unaware of how much of an impact they have in making a person more attractive.  If you are hiding your ears behind your hair and if this makes you insecure then otoplasty might be an option that you might want to consider.  Some people may not know that there is a way to alter the way that their ears look and make them more proportional to their face or pin them closer to the head.  If you have children that have protruding or deformed ears, it would be a good idea to have them undergo an otoplasty in case this condition bothers them, or affects their self-confidence and self-image.  No matter how minor a correction is, you will be surprised how much change it will make to your appearance.

Otoplasty is a surgical procedure that reshapes the outer ear to correct any deformities and make it look more aesthetically beautiful.  Cosmetic otoplasty can be done if you want to pin the ears closer to the head.  For those who need to have their ears repaired after an injury, a reconstructive otoplasty can be recommended.  This type of ear surgery has no effect on a person’s hearing and can create a very natural shape. After the procedure you can be guaranteed that your ears will be balanced and proportionate to your head and your face.

I recommend otoplasty to patients here at The Plastic Surgery Group of Rochester with overly large ears which is also a medical condition called macrotia.  This also works best for those with protruding ears on one or both sides, and also for those who would want to have their ears redone because they were not satisfied with a previous otoplasty.

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