6 things you should know about breast augmentation

shutterstock 416828320Cosmetic surgery is always on the rise and at the top of that list is always breast augmentation procedures. But what do you know about this popular cosmetic surgery?

Here are six things you should know about breast augmentation if you are considering going under the knife. 

  1. There are many reasons why a woman may want breast augmentation surgery. If she’s experienced loss of volume from weight loss or pregnancy, or her breasts are asymmetrical or never fully developed, she may be considering surgery. 
  2. You have options when it comes to implant types. While breast implants are made of a silicone shell, they are either filled with a cohesive silicone gel or saline solution. Silicone gel is the most popular option as it feels more like natural breast tissue. 
  3. In addition to material, the implant can come in different shapes and sizes. Round implants provide lift and fullness, while teardrop-shaped implants give a more natural projection to the breasts. The decision as to which material type and shape and size a woman chooses comes down to personal preference and aesthetic goals. The surgeon will provide guidance on which options are best.
  4. It’s important to know what results you can expect. Breast augmentation improves the fullness of breasts, improves symmetry and volume and increases the projection, size and shape of the breast. It can also create a more balanced look in proportion to the rest of your body. 
  5. Ideal candidates for surgery are women who are in generally good health, are at a stable, healthy weight, not pregnant or breastfeeding, are nonsmokers and have realistic expectations for the outcome of surgery.
  6. Recovery varies by patient, but full recovery can take up to six weeks on average. One week after surgery, most patients feel considerably better but will need to stick to light activity and avoid strenuous exercise for several weeks, as advised by their surgical team. 

Breast augmentation has a high patient satisfaction rate. If you are interested in learning more about breast augmentation surgery, call (585) 922-5840 today to schedule a consultation.


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