3 Ways to Get Rid of Scarring Around Your Bra Line

Breast Augmentation Rochester, NYA breast augmentation surgery is a life-changing surgery that can be done to help give you the larger, more symmetrical breasts that you have always wanted. And although you may have great results from your surgery, you may also suffer from some scarring on or around your breast line. If you would like to get rid of your scarring, consider trying some of the suggestions listed below. Read on to learn more.

  • Moisturize

If you are in the recovery stage of your breast augmentation, one of the best things you can do to prevent scarring or to lessen it is to use a moisturizer. By keeping the skin moisturized while it heals, you can prevent the skin from showing signs of visible scarring in the process.

  • Use Silicone Gel

Another thing you can do at any stage of the scar healing process is to apply an over-the-counter silicone gel to the affected area. The silicone will help to break down the excess formulation of collagen which enhances the appearance of scarring. To use a silicone gel, gently paint it onto your skin and allow it to harden before putting your bra or shirt back on.

  • Laser Removal

If you can’t get rid of your scarring by the techniques listed above, consider coming into The Plastic Surgery Group of Rochester for laser scar removal. During this non-invasive surgery, laser technology will be used to break up the pigmentation in your scarring— getting rid of it in the process. After a couple of treatments, you should notice visibly reduced scarring.

Even though you can cover up your breast augmentation scars with a bra or shirt, some people are still self-conscious about them. Luckily, by using one or all of the tips listed above, you can reduce the appearance of your scar and gain your confidence back again. To learn more about scar removal or to schedule a consultation, contact The Plastic Surgery Group of Rochester today!


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