3 Benefits of Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive SurgeryWhen you typically think of cosmetic or plastic surgery breast implants, and rhinoplasties often come to mind. And although these surgeries continue to be popular amongst our patients at The Plastic Surgery Group of Rochester, many of our patients come into our office for reconstructive surgery. Whether you need reconstructive surgery for a botched boob job, an injury, trauma, or disease, we can ensure that you get back to looking and feeling like your normal self. Read on to learn more about three benefits of reconstructive surgery.

  1. A Better Way of Life

Having any health condition can send your world into a complete whirlwind. If you were recently involved in an accident or received any trauma to your body and need reconstruction surgery, one thing is for certain: you will get a better way of life. By working to surgically fix your condition, our doctors at The Plastic Surgery Group of Rochester will simultaneously enhance your way of living— giving you back the ability to do things you used to before your condition.

  1. A Better Self Esteem

Even though what’s on the inside counts, what’s on the outside can either make or break your self-esteem. If your self-esteem has suffered because of your accident, disease, or condition, we can get it back to a high ten with reconstructive surgery.

  1. Improved Function

Depending on the area of your body that we are treating, we can help improve your body’s ability to function like normal. For instance, if you have melanoma on your face, then you will be discouraged from spending time out in the sun in hopes of preventing you from getting more. However, by removing this skin cancer, you can get back to doing your normal activities while wearing enough sunscreen in the process.

Here at The Plastic Surgery Group of Rochester, we specialize in a variety of different areas including reconstructive surgery. If you would like to learn more about this type of surgery or to schedule an appointment, contact our office today!


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