What Triggers Aging?

skin careAge. It brings with it wisdom, perspective, and a host of cosmetic concerns. While the actual process of aging is partially responsible for the development of crow’s feet and other creases on the face, we now know that there are several other triggers to such problems.

Sun, sand, and snow. Basically, every time we are in the sun, we are exposed to ultraviolet light. The UVA and UVB rays that make us feel warm and energized also reflect off of water, and other surfaces and create specific problems for our skin. They even penetrate the thickest cloud layer. Over time, the damage that occurs with each small dose of sunshine presents itself in the form of brown spots, wrinkles, and sagging skin. UV rays cause the tight strands of collagen in subcutaneous tissue to degrade and unravel. As this occurs, we become increasingly aware of thin skin under the eyes, drooping at the jaw line, and other issues.

Stress. There are a number of ways that stress affects health. As it pertains to our appearance, stress can lead to dehydration, which causes the skin to look thin and fragile. Stress also causes you to toss and turn at night. This can lead to persistent puffiness under the eyes and a growing heaviness in the upper eyelid. When we are stressed, one of our chronic facial expressions is a frown. This can lead to ever-present creases between the brows, and a persistent look of anger or unfriendliness.

The silver lining around facial aging is the abundance of rejuvenating treatments that are available today. Our patients benefit from our caring attitude and expertise in both surgical and nonsurgical rejuvenating treatments. With the experienced physicians at The Plastic Surgery Group of Rochester, you can explore a variety of procedures, ranging from eye lid surgery to brow lift to a full face and neck lift. Minimally-invasive procedures such as wrinkle-reducing solutions and dermal fillers are also available. We even have staff to assist you in developing a skin care regimen that meets your unique needs.

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